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Memory Inversion (Los Angeles)
In collaboration with Lynne Kirby



is an anti-documentary about Los Angeles. The tape deals with other times, spaces and people that inhabit L.A. and in a sense found it, above and below the surface of a city considered to be nothing but surface. Set in an undetermined future superficially identical to the present and past, Memory Inversion evokes what is already different about the urban landscape of one-dimensional stereotypes.

In memory inversion, wealth and glamour are cultural exiles, barred from the city. There is pedestrian movement. Nature sheds its cliches. Water is a natural, not political resource. The city's own pre-modern character gives modern settings a hybrid aesthetic; primordial nature stands side by side with tar and concrete. Tar is recognized as a founding substance of the city, oozing into the cracks of icons that refuse to speak. Different spatial coordinates produce movement that is no longer merely lateral, across vast spaces, but also vertical, up and down, in the depth of an image permeated by familar sounds made foreign. Access is difficult.

Part of the DVD compilation "Ephemera,
Chimaera & Curiosa" distributed by System Yellow