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Displayed Termination:
The Interval Between Deaths


Is both a eulogy and the start of a question. It is about the transfer of history, via electronic signal over the airwaves into the headphones' illustrative images. Displayed Termination is a place where images merge into constant illogical and "substitute" pictures. On a more basic level it is about war, storytelling and the location and speaking of (or telling of ) cultural and physical death.

There are contained within; stories obsessed over, cultivated and never absent that belonged to someone who is now dead. They are images that were drawn out from modern "history" and gnawed at until they became bedtime stories that refused to have the covers drawn over them. Stories that bear an uncanny familial resemblance to one another, that speak of cultural and historical amnesia.

In this setting death in life is no longer able to offer any resistance - mourning is a selective means of remembering. Perhaps the dead may indeed strive to signal us, but we are unable to hear them. We suffocate them out of a sense of duty or guilt or from sheer love with flower, prayers, tears. Once buried the suicide ceases to offend our sense of decorum and order. In time, we even stop asking ourselves, Why?

-Walter Abish from "The Fall of Summer"

For: Barbara Terisina Baronique 1949-1987

With: Sanda Agalidi, Joan Hugo, Marina LaPalma,
Beverly O'Neill, and Lynn Stadum
On-Line Editor: Martha Chono-Helsley
Production Assistance: Joe Santarommana
Sound Mix: John Goss
Music: Chaba Fadela "N'Sel Fik", Marlene Dietrich "Das Lied Ist Aus",
Ali Baba "Keya Rinia"
Text: Marguerite Duras "The Lover"