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Capp Street Projects, San Francisco

To Be Administered Before Sleep:
New Stone City for the Dead
Another History of Private Life

30' X 30' room, 3 tons of feed salt and rock salt, slate, photographs, metal, bone, stone, paper, lights, pvc.

This work is intended to be evocative of several merging material and
conceptual topographies: Italian cemeteries, whose stones are marked
with laminated photographs of the dead; the urban grid structure,
miniaturized and viewed from the air; an archive of stored memory and
mourning imprints and a natural history museum excavation site that
suggests the revealing or re-creation of an unspecified culture. The slate
paving stones construct a fragmented history of missed cues, maxims to
"live by", and cautionary texts incomplete and extracted from an erratic and
disturbing world mythology.

The piece consists of slate paving stones altered textually,
photographically and sculpturally. The slates form a lid over cultural, political and personal remains. They play off of a sort of personal encyclopedia of visual fragments and created exhumations. To Be Administered Before Sleep constitutes a re- construction of a non-existent memory site fabricated by components of a world history that is encapsulated in stone (tablets); erasable as slate; unusable as protective covering (shingles or paving stones) and which ultimately can only contribute to an examination room of "evidences". The slates are reliquaries, architectural stand-ins, clean slates sullied and
inscribed into a skewed natural history diorama, and a type of object-fueled
decompression chamber.

To Be Administered Before Sleep revolves around questions of historical and cultural memory and amnesia, the representation of the body, and political and personal violence and how these constructs are gradually integrated into everyday life through fantasy, displacement, narrative, aestheticization and re-construction.

Simpler Furies, slate detail